The importance of technical support during online conferences


KLS Agency team dedicated its latest article to simultaneous interpretation via Zoom, and here we’d like to focus on technical support during such online events.
You would probably agree that, at first glance, everything appears very smooth and clear. You just upload the Zoom app, create a link and send invitations. Then, you just start the event, and that’s all. However, it is far from that simple in real life as a well-managed team of professionals should back each event, and it is technical experts who play perhaps the most important role.

Imagine a situation (such can happen quite often in practice) when some participants have their sound gone off, the camera does not turn on, somebody cannot share their presentation, and people report that their interpretation function does not work. Everybody starts simultaneously messaging or saying that something’s gone wrong and everything’s sliding into chaos. Therefore, technicians should assume all responsibility for addressing those issues and preventing any malfunctions. He or she will instruct participants the day before the event, help speakers test all required functions, share video and audio records, and promptly help tackle ongoing issues.

This situation is the simplest example of what you can encounter in the course of your event. And then just imagine what would happen if, in addition to all that mentioned before, you need to broadcast your event on YouTube or Facebook? It means you should do three things simultaneously: follow the event, address challenges and provide the broadcasting. Well, not an easy task, isn’t it? So why don’t you confide in technical specialists and let them take this burden off your shoulders?

Let’s add one more option to our example and imagine that you hold your event in a mixed (or hybrid as they also call it) format, and some of your participants are engaged online, and others are physically present in a conference room. What would you do in this case? Would you turn into an octopus to be able to cope with eight tasks at the same time? Certainly not! The only thing you should do is entrust your event to technical support specialists. They will assemble all the equipment you require, instruct all participants on technical issues, help with media materials and manage all other details to ensure that your event is held at the highest possible level.

Each technical support team member will be responsible for each specific task: sound amplification, simultaneous interpretation, filming, broadcasting, technical support, etc.

KLS Agency strongly recommends that you not skimp on technical assistance but order technical support for your events. The engagement of a team of professionals will guarantee that you will be having a truly high-class event.
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