Advantages of remote/online simultaneous interpretation


In our previous articles, we have already discussed in detail the topics of Remote interpretation via Zoom and The importance of technical support during online conferences. Now, it’s time to discuss the Advantages of remote simultaneous interpretation.

Let’s take a closer look at what a remote simultaneous interpretation, or online interpretation as it is also called, is. The words speak for themselves as online interpretation is a video interpretation service delivered via tablet, computer, or phone. You can arrange meetings, conferences, and negotiations with your colleagues in the same country, as well as with colleagues from other countries. Of course, nothing can replace real-time live communication as each conversation partner’s smiles, emotions, and moods are priceless; they give us positive feedback and energize us. However, it is not always possible to meet quickly and discuss pressing issues. That is why remote communication in real-time is very convenient and has many advantages over live/offline events.
The advantages of remote simultaneous interpretation include:

You can order online or on-the-spot simultaneous interpretation services, as well as related services by email at, via Telegram/Viber or just by phone call.

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