Criteria for selecting translators to work on projects


A translation agency is not just a company that translates; it encompasses a full-scale process and systematisation.

Each year KLS Agency demonstrates compliance of the company’s processes with ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 international standards. The company constantly develops to be able to produce quality deliverables for its customers.

Professional translation is a process that includes an infinite number of interconnected processes and teamwork.

One of the key translation stages is selecting and testing professionals to implement projects. The vendor manager does this job.

The project manager organises the work of translators under a given project. As a rule, each order is assigned to a personal manager who would work on the project from the beginning to its final stage, from assessing documents to quality assurance and client feedback.

The translation project manager should review the topic of documents and take due account of all client’s suggestions and additional factors (urgency, specific aspects, etc.). The manager should select one or two professionals (a translator and an editor) based on such information.

Our team includes only qualified and tested translators who have successfully accomplished tests and completed no less than five projects in an equally successful manner.

The main criterion for involving a translator to work on a project is his/her competency in a specific area. We believe you would agree that a translator with a technical diploma can not translate medical documents and vice versa.

Technical translation

We engage only highly specialised translators and editors in performing technical translations. Only a specialist with a technical diploma whose expertise includes the knowledge of technical terms, abbreviations, measurement units, etc., can perform an accurate and correct translation. We translate such technical documents as design and tender documentation, patents, safety instructions and standards.

Medical translation

We entrust the translation of health care documents to qualified translators trained as physicians or pharmacists who have worked in the sphere for at least five years. We translate medical documents of varying complexity, from standard records to medical patents.

Legal translation

The translation of legal documents is our most popular translation product. KLS Agency translates such documents as regulatory instruments, agreements, constituent documents, etc.

We engage professionals with specialised and related education and the extended relevant translation practice in translating legal documents.

For more than ten years, we have been delivering high-quality translations by involving professional translators as we are well aware that the success of our clients is our success too.

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