Requirements for a quality translation or interpretation


The main standard under which KLS Agency evaluates its work is the high quality of its service delivery. It is important for us to know what result our client gets and whether the delivered service has met their needs.
The translation is the service that is mostly demanded from KLS Agency. The process of translation and quality control includes several stages as it involves a working group of certified and qualified professionals (translators, editors, proofreaders and other professionals) specializing in the area the document is about.

However, there are some more factors affecting the result: the translated text. Apart from a carefully selected team of professionals who would implement the project, a translation of superior quality requires the following:

  1. Enough time to translate. Our project manager will provide you with the project price and inform you of its optimal delivery time. We strongly recommend that you agree to the extent possible to the suggested deadline in order to give us enough time to arrange our work appropriately and provide you with a quality translation.
  2. Any possible additional materials, a glossary, for example, or any other documents that translators may use in their work.
  3. Informing us in advance of any possible suggestions regarding the translation before the work starts (any suggestions as to the style or the translation of specific terms, etc.).

Interpretation is also a service requiring careful arrangement. KLS Agency project managers select interpreters and suggest them to clients individually based on the topic and scale of each event. KLS Agency provides the services of qualified interpreters who, in addition to proper knowledge of a specific field, master the technique of correct pronunciation and auditory perception of information.
We recommend that you do the following to enable us to provide you with a quality interpretation (both consecutive and simultaneous):

  1. Request the interpretation service as much in advance as possible. KLS Agency has a large pool of interpreters in various languages. It takes a certain time to select an interpreter for a specific event. We process all requests individually and seek to find an interpreter that would meet all the requirements (field of interpretation, education, cultural aspects, etc.).
  2. Forward in advance any materials that the interpreter should see beforehand. All our interpreters are professionals in their respective fields; however, as they are responsible people and each of them prepares hard to work at the event, it is important that they receive event materials (its programme, handouts for participants, presentations, etc.) at least a few days in advance.

KLS Agency provides simultaneous interpretation in the following language combinations:

KLS Agency provides the consecutive interpretation in the following language combinations:

KLS complies with the highest possible standards of professionalism, competency, and work quality in all aspects of its activities. KLS has introduced and maintains management processes for the delivery of translations and interpretations and quality control that meet the requirements of the international standard ISO 17100:2015 Translation services – Requirements for translation services.

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