Optimizing client’s time and efforts: how to order a translation or an interpretation


When KLS Agency develops price quotes for its clients, it prioritizes clients’ needs and considers many other factors. Our managers have to collect as much request-related data as possible to effectively arrange for a translation or interpretation and prepare an accurate offer.

You can order your translation or interpretation by:

The manager will answer all the questions you might ask and prepare a price quote for you. Please be prepared for a few clarifying questions that the manager may ask you to optimize the work process and help you save your time and efforts.

KLS suggests that you do the following if you place your order with us for the first time:

1. When ordering a translation, please specify the following information:

2. When ordering an interpretation, please specify the following information:

As soon as you provide all the information, the project manager will process the order and prepare an offer for you. After you confirm the order, you will receive an invoice for payment, and KLS will start working on your order immediately after the payment is made.
The whole procedure can be done remotely, and you don’t have to come personally to our office and spend your valuable time.

If you order a translation to be certified by a notary, you can get the certified hard copy:

For more details, please leave your request in the chat or messenger, write to our e-mail address office@kls.in.ua or just make a call.

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