How long does it take to translate?


Translation is an intellectual work that requires time, effort and knowledge in the relevant field. The answer will thus be manifold.

The translation process comprises the following stages:

  1. clarifying the request and job details with the client;
  2. selecting a team of translators for the project;
  3. translation per se;
  4. editing the translation;
  5. layout or graphic designer services (if necessary);
  6. miscellaneous, such as proofreading after the document was laid out or materials were posted on the website, the application or PC game released, etc.

That’s why sometimes we can’t say right away when you are going to have your translation ready.
If this is a standard document, such as a birth certificate or a police certificate, then of course the work would be done the same day. However, if we are talking about a 20+ page contract or an operating manual for some device, determining the deadline for the translation on the spot would not be possible.

First of all, it should be emphasized that the deadline for a high-quality translation depends on the following factors:

Documents in an MS Word format may be translated much faster than in the PDF or JPEG format, as they require no additional formatting or layout design, although the latter is not a problem for KLS.

KLS Translation Agency has been present in the translation services market for many years. We keep pace with the modern world and put to practical use new technological approaches to translation. With the help of the CAT tool functionality, we can easily cut the translation time by half, as this tool allows us to simultaneously engage in the translating and editing process multiple translators who work in parallel (thereby reducing time), are able to see their peers’ translation and use translation memory (thereby ensuring the highest quality). Not only can we reduce the translation time by using CAT tools, but also the price of the job, since modern technology allows us to automatically reproduce digital symbols and other business notation when translating bank statements or large budgets.

For detailed estimates of the price and deadlines for your translation, please contact us at or via Telegram/Viber.

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