Certification with the Translation Agency Seal


When ordering translation of a document into Ukrainian or a foreign language, you will usually need to certify the translation. Please continue reading to learn more about translation certification and its types.

Certified translation is an official confirmation of the translator’s signature and higher-level diploma, which entitles them to carry out translation activities.

Types of certified translation include:

Notarized translation contains a certified translator’s signature, the authenticity of which is certified by a notary. This procedure is regulated by Article 79 of the Law of Ukraine “On Notaries”:

A notary certifies the veracity of the translation from one language to another if they know the relevant languages.

If the notary does not know the relevant languages, the document can be translated by a translator whose signature is authenticated by the notary.

The translation is then attached to the original or a copy of the document. The translator signs the translated document, and the notary certifies (seals) it to confirm the translator’s qualification and that the translation is authentic, valid, and true to the original.

Cases when the translation can be notarized:

Please note that when certifying the translator’s signature, the notary bears no responsibility for an incorrect translation nor affirms the facts set out in the document. The notary only confirms that the signature was affixed by a specific person and that the qualification of such person has been verified.

Certification of a translation with the translation agency seal/stamp involves the translation agency seal/stamp certifying the authenticity of the certified translator’s signature.

If for some reason the notary cannot certify your documents, you can always certify them with the seal/stamp of the translation agency. Here are some possible situations when translation agency seal/stamp may be needed:

In addition to translation and certification, you may also be required to have your document apostilled/legalized. Still, it depends on the country where you want to submit your papers and the relevant foreign authority/institution that usually provides all the requirements in advance.

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