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February 24, 2022, is a one of the tragic turning points in the history of Independent Ukraine, for the russian federation invaded our beloved country, launched a bloody war, and encroached upon our state’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Despite the complexity of the situation, the pain, fear, tears, and rivers of blood that Russia has shed and is still shedding, the Ukrainian people are indomitable and unconquered. Even in these difficult times, a huge community of translators and the KLS Translation Agency team have bravely joined the fight on the information front.

Despite extremely tough conditions, moral and psychological pressure, and sometimes lack of equipment, communication, and the Internet, Ukrainians have once again proved that they could and would work, help, and fight.

The first volunteer project was translating and subtitling videos with captured Russian soldiers. It was not just a large number of videos for translation but rather an endless stream of various videos. However, we realized that the translation needed to be done as soon as possible in order to provide more materials for filing lawsuits with the ECHR.

Translation of the videos was accompanied by constant requests from charities asking for help in translating letters about humanitarian assistance into Hebrew, Polish, German, Italian, Spanish, Romanian, and French.

Apart from translation, we helped organize many online events to provide simultaneous interpretation services together with fellow translators. These events allowed us to highlight the current situation in pictures and videos for our foreign friends who shared all this horror and pain with us and lent us a helping hand.

When most of us were accustomed to martial law and mentally “accustomed” to the situation, it was fascinating to share the views of all those with whom we worked at the time. Almost all of them replied that they hadn’t felt tired despite working 20 hours a day under shelling, roaring, and howling sirens. An inextinguishable flame was burning inside each of us, and we all knew that any help was invaluable, necessary, and essential.

We continue our volunteering work on various translations, although the number of requests is getting smaller because the whole world has heard us and is providing help, and we are infinitely grateful for that!

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