ISO 17100: Professional competences of translators

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29 June
The KLS Translation Agency team works with numerous Ukrainian and international companies. Standard-based delivery of t...
16 June
In a present-day world of technology and rapid dissemination of information, the image of a brand/company/organization ...
Blog 08 June
February 24, 2022, is a one of the tragic turning points in the history of Independent Ukraine, for the russian federat...
03 June
When ordering translation of a document into Ukrainian or a foreign language, you will usually need to certify the tran...
News 25 May
Translation is an intellectual work that requires time, effort and knowledge in the relevant field. The answer will thu...
28 April
When KLS Agency develops price quotes for its clients, it prioritizes clients’ needs and considers many other fac...
26 April
The main standard under which KLS Agency evaluates its work is the high quality of its service delivery. It is importan...
News 21 April
KLS Agency delivers the full range of translation services: written translation, interpretation, equipment rental for s...
19 April
We work for you online from Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m. Unfortunately, our office is still closed. Howeve...
News 19 April
A translation agency is not just a company that translates; it encompasses a full-scale process and systematisation. Ea...
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