Machine translation post-editing of the website of the distributor of batteries and charging stations

Post-editing of a machine translation from Russian into Ukrainian
Client: A distributor
Topic: Distributor’s website.
Niche: Charging stations and batteries

The client requested to translate its website from Russian to Ukrainian within a limited budget. We offered them two options: 1) a human translation; 2) post-editing of a machine translation with an additional service of uploading the text on the website using a special script.

Since time and saved money were crucial for the client, they chose the second option.

Here’s what the process of such post-editing looks like.

  1. The client tells us which website pages are to be translated.
  2. We perform an automated translation of them and post-edit it using a CAT tool.
  3. At the client’s request, they may review the edited text before publishing it on their website.
  4. The client receives a special script and adds it to their website.
  5. Now visitors can read texts on the website in Ukrainian.

The main advantages are speedy performance and money saved on both the translation and the services of a web developer.

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