Machine translation post-editing of description of the permanent makeup techniques

Post-editing of a text translated from Russian into Spanish
Client: A private individual
Topic: Permanent makeup
Client’s niche: Health & Beauty

A new client reached us and asked whether we could post-edit a text in Spanish. The text was a description of permanent makeup techniques.

The client told us at once that they had a machine-translated text but were not 100% sure of its quality, so they asked us if we were able to process such a text.

The KLS manager advised the client in detail of the advantages and limitations of this translation processing method. The advantages were its promptness and lower cost compared to professional translation and further editing. The main limitation was that the post-edited text would not sound 100% natural; nevertheless, it would be correct in grammar in style.

Having learnt about these advantages and limitations, our client opted for MTPE.

Post-editing is an automated process performed by a special CAT tool that saves money and time if there are phrase repetitions in the text.

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