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    I used the services of this office. Everything is high-quality and fast. I was very satisfied with the work of the girls!

    Javi Larrauri

    Muy buenos profesionales, me consiguieron apostillar unos documentos en cuatro días laborables cuando lo normal es esperar hasta diez. La calidad de las traducciones muy bien. Volveré. Gracias.


    Professionals work here!)
    It is nice that they pay attention to the client, listen and understand the task from the first word))


    Fast, high-quality service, pleasant service. I’m taking off a star because once they made a gross mistake in the translation, but they quickly corrected it later.


    I want to express my gratitude!
    They did an excellent and fast translation of content for my website.
    I was satisfied 🙂
    I recommend!


    One of the best translation companies I have worked with. Very polite project managers, clear tasks, agreed deadlines and timely payment. I was glad to cooperate with you for several years at the start of my translation activity. Got a great experience 🙂

    Thank you for your time
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    Professional Notary Certification of Translations

    While translating a document from one language to another, it is important to ensure that the meaning of the original document is conveyed accurately in the translation. One way to do this is to certify the translation with a professional notary. A notary can verify that the translation is faithful to the original document and that all relevant information has been included. This can be particularly important when translating legal documents or other sensitive material. In addition, a certified translation can help to ensure that the translated document will be accepted by government agencies and other organizations. As a result, for anyone who needs to have a document translated, working with a professional notary can be an important part of the process.

    Features of Notary Certification

    A notary certification is a document that verifies the identity of the signer and the fact that they have signed a document voluntarily. The certification must be signed by a notary public, who is an official appointed by the government to witnessing signatures on documents. In order to be valid, the notary must also add their own signature and stamp or seal to the certification.

    The requirements for notarization vary from country to country, but typically involve the signer appearing in person before the notary and presenting them with a form of identification, such as a passport or driver’s license. The notary will then ask the signer to swear or affirm that they are signing the document of their own free will, after which they will add their signature and stamp or seal. Notarization can help to deter fraud by making it more difficult for someone to deny signing a document, and it can also provide peace of mind for those involved in transactions where documents need to be signed.

    Why Choose KLS for Translation and Notary Certification

    At KLS, we offer a wide range of translation and notary certification services. We are a team of certified professionals who are committed to providing the highest quality service possible. We have extensive experience in the field and are familiar with a variety of different languages. In addition, we offer competitive rates and can usually complete projects within a few days. When you choose KLS for your translation and notary certification needs, you can be confident that you will receive the best possible service.

    Notary Certification of Translations

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